DLF Home Tutor Terms & Condition

We are DLF Home Tutor. We are providing Home Tutor, Live Classes, Group Tuition in All over Gurugram and DLF City gurugram areas. Our Terms and condition.

1- DLF Home Tutor Premium Registration Charges (Rs. 500/-) It will be valid for one year. We will take this amount for tutor verification, testing of tutor. This charge is not refundable. This charge is only for Premium Tutor Registration and KYC Process.

2- If DLF Home Tutor gives you any classes then will take 50% of first month of any classes. We will take only first month and next month or rest all month all amount will be yours.

3- If We Provide Group Tuition for any Tutor / Teacher, Then DLF Home Tutor will take 30% of every month and remaining 70% Will gives to tutor or Teacher.

4- If DLF Home Tutor hired any Institute or Schools then will take 20% of every month of DLF Home Tutor Students’, remaining 70% will be any institute or Schools.

5- If Any Tutor will take our Live Section classes then DLF Home Tutor will take 30% of whole amount and after that Any tutor will take 70% of whole amount Which is every month.

6- If You Want to be Make Our Channel Tutor (Which is already running over YouTube as well as our official website www.teacherswala.com) then TEACHERSWALA PRIVATE LIMITED gives your life time 50% amount money to your register account Number after getting money from clients or advertisement. TEACHERSWALA PRIVATE LIMITED will 50% and Tutor Will take 50%.

8- Upcoming time TEACHERSWALA PRIVATE LIMITED will sell directly class which will be all the location and in Delhi NCR. Anyone can Purchase this Student Lead. and can Take the class as per discussion with you and Students.

9- Referral Charges, If Any Tutor or any one will give Student lead to DLF Home Tutor then After conversion this lead DLF Home Tutor will give you 25% and TEACHERSWALA PRIVATE LIMITED take 25%. As you know we will take 50% of first month of any lead conversion.

10- We are providing fresh lead of every Student to my tutor. Because we never believe from any third-party lead generation.

11- Tutors are requested to please update us immediately about their present address and phone/mobile number if changed and are requested to produce your ID proof to clients if demanded by them.

12- Tutors are requested to be punctual and behave/talk/dress up as a Gentleman/lady while visiting to any client for trial or regular class.

13- By filling online "Tutor Registration Form" you comply with follow all our terms and conditions and your acceptance might be utilized in ANY COURT UNDER DELHI JURISDICTION.

14- Candidates need to upload or WhatsApp scanned copy of following Documents (scan original documents) a). One colored passport size photograph. b). Photo ID / Address proof (Voter ID / Passport / Aadhar Card). c). Present/permanent address proof (Both just in case of trust or not a permanent resident of Delhi) d). Last obtained educational qualification Thanks